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Papermaking - Vetiver


In partnership with Industrial Designer Carmen Valenzuela

This project was the evolution of first project, Artesán, and consisted on the development of paper made of a natural fiber and then the design of products made from the new material. The Fiber is called Vetiver and it is used to prevent landslaves due to its root size. The project was worked for the department of Enviromental Management of Cementos Progreso.

The project consisted on three phases, first the investigation of the process of paper making. Second the development and production of the products of paper and finally the elaboration of a manual for artisans to replicate the products and a sales catalogue.

On the first phase of the project we explored and investigated all about paper making in an artisanal way. Also we made an exhaustive amount of trials and varieties of paper: paper made up 100% of the fiber, a compound paper using different proportions of other materials, like newspaper, white recycled paper, specific fibers used to dye, and most important 50% fiber and 50% cement paper bag. The last compound was the selected material to develop all the products.

On the manufacture, we explored many techniques to apply the same material but with different textures, properties and qualities. Some of the techniques were, paper cast, folding paper, compressed paper pulp, paper plywood and waxing paper. 

This variety of techiques resulted on a serie of very different products: Paper, a table, a stool, lamp, a bowl and a cup, and packages. The catalogue was the result of photografies and documentation of final products that included 14 products. 

To know more about this project feel free to write or leave me some questions!

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