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In partnership with Industrial Designer Carmen Valenzuela

This project was developed to explore the possibilities of a natural fiber as a principal component  the design of different products and uses. The Fiber is called Vetiver and it is used to prevent landslaves due to its root size. The project was worked for the department of Enviromental Management of Cementos Progreso.

The project consisted on three phases, first the investigation of the fiber. Second the development and production of the products and finally the elaboration of a manual for artisans to replicate the products and a sales catalogue. 

Experimentation and trials, were key for this project because we wanted to explore more than basketry techniques, but also other applications of the product. Such as a green wall that is perdurable on time, cement hybrids with the fiber, lamps and paper. 

We also combined the practice of artisanal weavers, that combined telar de cintura with the fiber, this allows the weavers to work faster and reduce the amount of threads. 

Another big approach was the production of artisanal paper, which showed the potential of the fiber. 

The manual was elaborated with texts and illustrations that showed the process in a simple language to make it more clear for anyone who replicate the products. 

The catalogue was the result of photografies and documentation of final products that included 21 products. 

To know more about this project feel free to write or leave me some questions!

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