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Ana.logo, is the name of this brand I created for these series of design objects that are based on Analogue ways to create things. 

Artisans are always a key factor on the making for these pieces, but also I created them since I didn't have computer neither tools to design. However I found the way to keep creating no matter the lack of materials and equipment I had. 

My favorite thing of the design process is drawing, this is one of the strongest abilites I have as a designer, but it also relaxes me and makes me fell disconnected from the daily noise. 


So I Started drawing...

The process became very short and the understanding between the artisans and myself became stronger.


The result:

hand carved utensils made up with exotic woods from Petén, Guatemala. All pieces are unique and the finish is polished and sealed with natural coatings, colours also are pure. 

My objective with this collection is to bring people together for the passion of creating in the analogue way. That is the reason I designed utensils for kitchen, sewing or drawing. Chefs, Weavers and artist make things directly with their hands, in the natural way. 


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